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Simple Rules for Personal Finance

Brett Arends on all you need to know about personal finance—in 833 words!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sell Your Stuff - Clothing & Accessories

Clothing & Accessories

  • Twice - My favorite of all the fashion resale sites. The process is easy: you sign up, send them your items (they'll even send you a postage-paid bag if you want), and they mail you a check or give you store credit. They clearly tell you what brands they accept and if they don't want something, they email you with a detailed description of why they believe the item isn't salable. The turnaround is timely and the pay-out is fair.
  • ThredUp - A close second: when they couldn't process my items within two months (they said they were overwhelmed with incoming merchandise), they gave me a store credit as a good faith effort which I used it to buy some wonderful NWT pants and a pair of vintage shoes. Subsequent shipments to ThredUp have gone off without a hitch.
  • ThreadFlip - The absolute worst of all the sites I tried. They were slow to process my items, then tried to say that nothing was acceptable (including a Coach bag in perfect condition), and when I complained, suddenly changed their mind and listed all three items I had sent (two blouses and the aforementioned Coach bag). They failed to sell the Coach bag despite two offers on it (I think they lost it and couldn't fulfill the order, but wouldn't tell me so). They were slow to respond to emails and didn't do what they promised to do. As of this posting, they still owe me money.
  • Fashion Project - This is essentially a site for donating to charity (and yes, you get a receipt for your taxes), except they are pickier about what items they accept and there is a wider choice of charities than is available at your local thrift shop. Occasionally donors receive other incentives, like discounts to major retailers.
  • Poshmark - Basically a marketplace: you upload photos of your items and maintain possession of them until a sale is made. Poshmark encourages you to promote you items via social media. They take a commission for making the site available, handling the credit card processing, and providing postage-paid packaging.
  • Tradesy - Another marketplace where you upload photos of your items and pay a commission. Lots of complaints from both buyers and sellers.
  • Vestiaire Collective - I didn't find this site appealing as a buyer: prices seemed quite high relative to other resale sites and since individuals upload their own photos, the quality of the images and descriptive information is rather uneven. As a seller, I don't like that the site owners do their quality inspection after the sale -- reserving the  right to lower the price or cancel the order at that time.
  • Bib + Tuck - As with Poshmark, this site has you post pictures, a description, and pricing info for your items and provides shipping labels once they are sold. They take a 15% commission and handle returns. You can use the funds you earn to shop the site or have it transferred into your bank account. The list of brands they accept is fairly high end.
  • Material Wrld - Pros: all you have to do is send them your stuff-no photos to take or descriptions to write, payment is in giftcards rather than credits for just shopping this site, they will return anything they don't want for free. Cons: small list of accepted brands.
  • Vaunte - fancying itself "the world's most stylish marketplace," Vaunte features detailed profiles of its sellers and accepts only high-end merchandise for sale. The downside is that there are involved description and photo requirements, plus you can't cash out until 30 days after sold items are delivered.
  • Klury and Shop Hers - two more luxury designer-only resale sites.

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101 Small Ways to Save Big from PopSugar

Thursday, February 20, 2014

11 Tips for High Style on a Low Budget

Check out WhoWhatWear's 11 Style Tips for the Girl on a Shoestring Budget for insider secrets to looking your best on a dime.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

20 Ways to Save Money this Holiday Season

This link ( leads to a list of 20 ways you can save money this holiday season. The tips I intend to use are:

  • Sending ecards from or
  • Shopping online.

Friday, June 21, 2013

June is for Brides - and Wedding Savings

Here are some tips that prove that even holding a beautiful wedding on a budget is possible: