Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ideeli Travel

Ideeli Travel (a members-only discount site) is featuring some great travel bargains this week.  Consider a quick escape to a top-rated Philadelphia hotel, a luxurious Lake Las Vegas resort, or more far-flung vacations to upscale, family-friendly spots in Honolulu and Puerto Vallarta. These offers all feature exclusive extras and savings of 40%-50% off the best prices on other travel sites.

  • Stay at the Hotel Palomar, the #1 rated hotel in Philly, 40% off
  • Or choose the Ravella at Lake Las Vegas, a desert oasis only 30 minutes from the Vegas strip, 50% off
  • Ideeli also offers deals at the Hawaii Prince Hotel, an oceanfront hotel near Waikiki Beach, where your getaway includes a rental car
  • Villa la Estancia, the award-winning beachfront resort near Puerto Vallarta is another good choice.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Talbots Shopping at Target Prices

Starting today, the women's clothing chain, Talbots, is advertising huge discounts of up to 75% off (but we found some sale prices that were even better).  If you are a fan of classically-styled clothing (the sorts of things we frugalistas love, since they don't go out of style quickly the way more trendy things do), now is a good time to stock up.  The prices rival those at Target, but the quality is significantly better.

Here are a few of my frugal fashion finds:
  • D'orsay-style leather flats - perfect for the summer with skirts and shorts -  were $99, now just $12.24.
  • Wedge-heeled leather sandals - all the rage right now - were $109, now just $13.49.
  • A silk rosette collar which adds a touch of glamour to a basic sheath dress or sweater - was $89, now $21.99.
  • A structured leather satchel with an embossed snakeskin print - was $250, now $62.48
  • Teardrop ribbon necklace - that multi-chain look stylists love - was $89, now $10.99
  • Fancy silk sheath - was $349, now $43.49
Update: I received an email the day after I placed my order alerting me that one of my items was out of stock - multiple people had ordered it about the same time and by the time my order was picked out of the warehouse, the item was gone.  I found a variation of the item online for the same price and called, asking that it be substituted in my order.  The customer service rep indicated that since my order had already been processed, I would be charged shipping fees, less a 10% discount as a courtesy for my hassle.  I hesitated -- even with the adjustment the shipping fee added more than 50% to the price.  So I asked for two things: that the rep pass along to her managers my dismay that Talbot's stocking software doesn't work more accurately, and that she ask her supervisor to waive the shipping fee this one time.  She was sure that given the amazing price I was receiving (88% off the original price), the company would refuse to ship for free.  But they didn't.  So once more, just by asking politely, I saved myself some money.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Cell Phone Savings

In the market for a new cell phone?  Hell pay for it by recycling your old one at Yourenew.com where you can get money back for trading in all your old cell phones.  Just list your model, answer a few quick questions, and enter your e-mail address, mailing address, and choice of payment. You'll receive a shipping label, so just pop your old cell in the mail and wait for your money to arrive.
Even if you are sticking with your existing phone, make sure you are paying as little as possible for it each month, by clicking over to Cellbills.com, which examines phone usage and then recommends the most cost-efficient plan.